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COMINT System (Communications Intelligence)

The Guardrail Common Sensor [GR/CS] is a Corps Level Airborne Signal Intelligence (SIGINT) collection/location system that incorporates the Improved GUARDRAIL V (IGR V), Communication High Accuracy Airborne Location System (CHAALS), along with the Advanced QUICKLOOK (AQL) in the Exact Same SIGINT system — the RC-12K/N/P/Q aircraft. Key features include integrated COMINT system and ELINT reporting, increased signal classification and recognition, rapid Direction Finding (DF), precision emitter location, and also an innovative integrated aircraft cockpit. Frequency expansion is included by product enhancements, computer aided updated data links, sensor management and also the capacity.

GR/CS supplies close real-time SIGINT and targeting data to Tactical Commanders through the corps field with focus on Deep Battle and Follow-on Forces Strike assistance. It hastens chosen low, mid, and higher band radio signs, identifies/classifies themdetermines places of the resources, and supplies near-real-time reporting to strategic commanders. The machine employs an integrated processing facility (IPF) that is the controller, information processing, and message centre to the general system.

Each system consists of aircraft that fly assignments . As much as three airborne relay centers (ARF)/aircraft intercept communications, noncommunications emitter transmissions, and collect LOB and TDOA data. This information is then transmitted by them . The function as the systems for communications between the commands that are supported and the IPF. The normal system setup utilizes a Integrated Processing Facility (IPF), three or two Airborne Relay Facilities (ARFs), roughly nine (up to a max of 32) Commanders Tactical Terminals (CTTs), along with also an Auxiliary Ground Equipment (AGE) van. ) Special Purpose Equipment (STE) vans are included for troubleshooting and maintenance.

This system comprises the Communication High Accuracy Airborne Location System (CHAALS) to attain target places because of its COMINT system, also CHALS-X, which will be a continuation of this project which developed the CHAALS precision place subsystem now in GR/CS systems 1 and 4. The CHALS-X system provides the targeting capacity needed to support the Division Commander’s needs to track down and kill the enemy by supplying exact place of High Value Targets (HVTs). Airborne systems combined with earth based systems will be capable of just locating enemy weapon systems and components (regardless of if the enemy employs modern or conventional radios) producing goal places sufficiently accurate for initial round fire due to natural artillery. It uses the formerly developed Time-Difference-Of-Arrival/programmer Doppler (TDOA/DD) techniques and integrates improvements in electronic equipment state of their art and distributed processing to provide for enhanced capacities; raises frequency array, adds frequency hopping radios into the goal group, and reduces size/weight/power necessities of processing subsystems (3 racks of electronics today decreased to 2 boxes that fit into a standard 19 inch rack).

GR/CS Targeting precision is supplied from the system that was ELINT. Ground to earth (like CTT) communications connections also offer an interface with stationary places and strategic users. Message supply is provided by automated Shifting to CTT field terminals to commanders in real time. Planned improvements include enlarged COMINT/ELINT set, LPI capacity, embedded instruction, CTT(3 station ) retrofit, and automatic reporting.