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Kent Ridge Hill Residences

Kent Ridge Hill Residences ReviewBack at April 2018, Oxley Holdings started The kent ridge hill residences showroom — a 170-unit freehold apartment together Pasir Panjang Road. So far, the evolution has been sold (within only 4 weeks ) in an estimated average psf cost of S$1,822.

As of 23 March 2019, Kent Ridge Hill Residences has offered approximately 144 units at an average of $1,707 psf. That’s about a 26.2 percentage take-up speed in 5 weeks (because it was launching in November 2018).

Simply by simply comparing the cost point of those 2 jobs and tenure, you will likely know why Kent Ridge Hill Residences is not as popular as The Verandah Residences despite being relatively near one another.

The Verandah Residence Kent Ridge Hill

In the angle of Kent Ridge Hill’s price pointwe really do believe that it is marginally on the steep side dependent on the aforementioned comparison. In our view, a median cost of 16xx psf would be a lot fairer and appealing to homebuyers.

Deficiency of amenities
Only walk around Kent Ridge Hill Residences, you’ll discover there are not much conveniences nearby — for example supermarkets, or grocery shops etc.. You will likely have to rely heavily on shipping travel or services out of your home area to the local shopping malls to receive your everyday requirements.

And we say’traveling’, we do not imply by foot. You will probably wish to push out or take public transportation.

Too much’unnecessary’ balcony area
Honestly, the designs at Kent Ridge Hill Residences are nearly perfect if the programmer did not put in those redundant balcony distances on a few of the device types. Just have a peek at 3-Bedroom units also you’ll be able to realize that the balcony overlooks a few of the mutual bedrooms.

If you’re considering this from an investment standpoint, you’ll be happy the Kent Ridge Hill Residences is in the middle of those significant business districts in Singapore — that can translate into a healthier rental demand because of its convenience.