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Kent Ridge Hill Residences

Singapore is also home to many developments. Every year, new advancements are currently churning out which makes it effortless for folks to locate lodging kent ridge hill residences review . A number are still under development while many jobs have been finished. One of these is Kent Ridge Hill Residences. Slated to 2024, this growth project is the most expected. Oxley Holdings Limited, who’s a name in regards to job developments develops it. Enriched with features and facilities, this project intends to supply the occupants a lifestyle that is lavish.


From where areas of the city could be retrieved 22, the project’s website is situated. The region is quiet and provides a environment, which makes it perfect for families. This is just one point, that has helped it get tremendous recognition. Its precise location is 50 — 66 South Bouna Vista Road (S) 118168 at District 05 of Singapore.


The location’s façade is one of its most notable features. It’s beautifully designed and attention to each detail that was significant and small is covered by the architect to make sure it exudes sophistication and elegance. A flow of water flowing before the building surrounded by lush trees makes it aesthetically pleasing. A bit of course and modernity is inserted into the outside.

Features and Facilities

This project is intended to provide the occupants lots of features. There’ll be a pool in which residents can unwind and unwind after a tiring day at work or on weekends. For there’ll be a gymnasium. There’ll be a clubhouse and function rooms too, where events could be hosted. Residents of this house will appreciate the luxury of refreshing and rejuvenating in jacuzzi and spas this growth will comprise.

Aside from that, it is supposed to have a tennis hallway. If the residents wish to sponsor family or their friends, they’ll have the ability to use dining and cooking pavilion. A parking space in basement containing is available for occupants. Last technologies will be utilised to supply 24×7 safety to the occupants.