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Poly barrels

What’s a polyrhythm? Well,”poly” means”many” and”rhythm” signifies”rhythm” (duh!) , consequently, the term polyrhythm actually means”several rhythms”. Consequently, if we would like to perform a polyrhythm, that implies that we will be playing numerous rhythms at precisely the exact same moment poly barrels. This may refer to a huge array of things, by way of instance, any drum set groove which needs over two limbs is by definition, a polyrhythm. This however, isn’t what is normally meant by the word.

Most frequently when musicians discuss polyrhythms, they’re speaking to the concept of doing a couple of distinct subdivisions in precisely the exact same moment. By way of instance, the most fundamental of polyrhythms is known as 3 on two. This implies to us as drummers, is that among our limbs will probably be playing eighth notes while another plays triplets. SIMULTANEOUSLY! Dun dun dun…

The simplest way to learn that for your very first time would be to link to a Christmas tune which most of us understand – Carol of the Bells. (look it up in the event that you do not understand it) The start melody of the tune could be interpreted as a 3 2 polyrhythm. The sticking which we will use to do this will function; equally Right Left Right, and if you did not happen to appear (or know) the tune, then the rhythm to perform this sticking is 1 3 & 2. (at 3/4 time) Repeat this a BUNCH. Do it till it is simpler to get it done than it is to get it done wrong. It needs to be effortless.

As soon as you are able to conduct this solidly and always, practice switching the sticking to; The two Left Right Left, maintaining the rhythm exactly the same. As a drummer, you’re going to want to know to do everything with hands leading. Possessing this coordination will open a completely new world of imagination about the drum set. Much like the previous sticking – clinic until you can not make a mistake .