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Prioritizing Roof Care

For a member of your institution board of supervisors or as a home manager you make choices each week to keep your possessions. Your choices might not be wise for their own investment Even though there might be no question your goals are in the best interest ΑΠΟΦΡΑΞΕΙΣ of these homeowners. This might be particularly true when you’ve got a habit of postponing care.

Kinds of Care

I’ve commonly taught that care can be broken into four classes: Routine, Emergency, Preventive and Deferred.

Routine and Emergency Care

It appears simple enough. Some maintenance items have and are regular. When the grass is mowed There’s scarcely any question, or so the pool is washed.

The prices are affordable and regular and rarely need gut-wrenching choices. Emergency care? Of – ASAP. You get out it Whenever there’s mould, or you’ve got it trapped, whenever a rodent gets in your loft. Since a few of the homeowners confuse OK, that was the easy part.

Preventive or Deferred Maintenance?

Preventative… deferred. Hmmm… If you consider these two are sort of polar opposites. 1 route will be for you to be educated and to expect the possible failures of your own community before they happen, while the latter states”if it ai not broke, do not fix it”

Typical arguments for postponing significant maintenance may seem like,”I understand that trimming wood appears poor, but why can not we wait and paint it if we paint the stucco”? “Yeah, we had a great deal of roof leaks a year ago but it is not raining now”! “It is not reasonable that the whole community must have to cover the brand new decks onto the penthouse units. Let us put the decision off for today.”